Cashinator - Bill splitting made easy

Split your bills like never before

Who owes who what? Cashinator is a smart calculator for splitting costs in a group that makes your life a whole lot easier and even enjoyable!

Use the app as a travel fund while on vacation or at home as a household book, to keep track of expenses while shopping, or as a shared apartment's cash register. Group money sharing has been redefined, so give it a try for free today!


About Cashinator

More time for your holiday

How often have you been out with friends and you always had the same problem: Who owes whom how much money or how can you calculate the costs at the end of your holiday? This expenditure app finally puts an end to this! The Cashinator will take care of that for you! Enter each issue in a flash without complicated gadgets and choose for whom it was made. The Cashinator tells you at any time who gets how much and who owes whom how much money. You can easily share costs with this app. You can use it for the smallest barbecue or for the biggest trip around the world, no matter what currency you use for an issue. It is converted into your currency on a daily basis! But the Cashinator is much more than just a small calculator for sharing money: You can easily share the complete journey, the calculations and all entries with your friends on different mobile devices. It’s getting even better! You can use Cashinator together without having to log in, register or share phone books anywhere. All you need to do is to scan each other's QR code on your journey and you're ready to go. It works fine on iOS and Android. No more Excel lists. No more sending invoices back and forth by e-mail. With the Cashinator the tiresome topic of "sharing costs among friends" is redefined!


Simplicity with great features.

Fast & Easy

The app is limited to the most important thing. Your vacation.

No registration necessary

Your data is secure. No personal data will be transmitted.

PDF evaluation of your vacation expenses

Don't lose track of your expenses.

Beautiful PDF evaluation

Families and Households

Since 2023, only one payment is guaranteed between two households. It couldn't be simpler!

Weitere Infos

Daily updated currency converter

Choose one of 160 currencies for each issue. It is immediately converted into your home currency.


Share your holiday funds with your friends among all devices using a simple QR code.

Recurring payments

Use it for multiple payments. Automatically. It's that easy.

Compensation payments

Who owes whom how much money and how is it easiest to balance the debts? Cashinator knows.

More information about compensating vacation debts with the Cashinator app

Your first journey is completely free.

Share your holiday with any number of friends and just enjoy your holiday, don't worry about money. You can download the Cashinator app for free and use it in its full functionality on your first vacation, without advertising or annoying ad popups!

If you don't want to miss Cashinator on your next trip, you have the choice: You pay either just about one USD for one trip, two USD for three trips or three USD for an infinite number of trips. The exact price can be found in the respective store of your country.

Data protection

Privacy is important to the Cashinator.

The protection of your personal data is taken very seriously.

Data privacy statement

No registration needed

You do not need to register on any server. No personal data of any kind will be transmitted by your mobile phone.


Communication with a server is necessary for the cooperation of several devices. This data exchange takes place exclusively via an encrypted connection.

camera access

The camera of your mobile phone is used exclusively for scanning barcodes in order to join a holiday fund as easily as possible.

Download of

The travel fund app

Download the app for free (iOS or Android) and go to your well deserved vacation today!

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