Frequently asked questions

The calculation of the compensation payments is not correct! Why?

I can calm you down. The result is correct, believe me! Cashinator calculates a mathematically optimal way for you to get the best results for settling the entire debt in one fell swoop with as few transactions as possible. Therefore, it is often assumed that Cashinator is wrong with its calculations. Also there is a high probability that you will become a a different result if you calculate the travel expenses manually. This is simply because there are countless solutions to keep your balance.

If person A has spent a lot of money on person B, B can, but must not pay back to person A everything. I beg your pardon? Too abstract? Okay, then we will illustrate this phenomenon with this simple case study for calculating the debt in the cashinator.

Why are my travel expenses higher than our actual expenses?

The most common mistake is that cash withdrawals are entered in the Cashinator and are defined as an expense in that way. If this money is used to pay later, the money is actually entered again. Therefore, it is necessarry that you define cash withdrawals as a pure money transfer entry. Cashinator will ask you automatically, if it detects such an expense.

How can I change the language of the Cashinator app?

Currently Cashinator uses the operating system language settings of your smartphone to initially select the app language. If you prefer another language, you can change the language in the settings of the Cashinator app. Note that currently only English and German are supported.

I can't join my friend's journey. What can I do?

For security reasons, your friend's journey barcode will expire after two days. Your friend has to share his journey in the Cashinator app settings again. This will generate a new barcode that you can scan or type within 48 hours.

In order to join a or to release a journey, a functional Internet connection is required. The trip is encrypted and transmitted via the mobile network or the current Wifi connection.

I joined a journey, but I see a different currency and therefore a different balance than my friends! Why?

Since each device can be set with its own home currency, the balance sheet is displayed according to your personal currency. Change your home currency accordingly to get the same view.

Can I delete existing journeys?

Yes. Please go to the settings section of the Cashinator app. Now swipe with your finger over the journey you want to delete (right to left). Confirm the deletion of the trip afterwards by pressing the red button. Note, however, that you can only delete trips that are not currently active, otherwise you will receive an error message.

Also note that you can only delete the trips on your device – if you have shared them with other people, they will of course remain on the other devices.

If you accidentally deleted a journey, ask a friend with whom you shared the trip if they can generate a new access code for you.

Can I delete participants from the journey?

Yes, you can remove participants. To do this, go to the Cashinator app's settings area. You will find the section participants. Go there. Now swipe over the participant you want to delete with your finger from right to left. Note that you can only delete participants who are not involved in any transaction. Of course, if you really need to, you can first delete the participant's transactions and then remove the participant afterwards.

There's a penny left on our balance sheet, why?

This is the known problem of the lost cent. If, for example, three people share one euro, each of them would only get 33 cents (instead of 33⅓ cents), if one distributes fairly. A cent therefore remains with this calculation. This cent cannot be distributed correctly, since the smallest possible unit of money is one cent (depending on the selected currency). Look at this cent as a lucky penny, rejoice in it!

How does it work with the conversion rates in the Cashinator?

The Cashinator app updates the rates of over 160 currencies every twelve hours. If the device is not connected to the Internet, the comparison will take place at the next available Internet connection.

If you create a new expense, the most recent exchange rate is used and saved within the transaction. This prevents the sum of expenses and balance sheets from changing on a daily base.

If you subsequently change the currency of a leave issue, the exchange rate at the time of the change is used, not the exchange rate at the time of the issue. While this is not 100% correct, the accuracy in the cent range is out of proportion to the additional space used on your smartphone and the enormous amounts of data that would need to be transmitted over the mobile network of your travel destination.

How does cashinator make money? Will my data be collected and sold?

No. Cashinator does not collect and sell any data. Cashinator was mainly developed make life easier. That was the only reason. I'm just happy that my app is used and sees many places in the world. The Cashinator App definitely does not focus on generating revenue, it focuses on sharing and spreading happiness all over the world. Additionally in my oppionion it is a no-go to display advertising within the app. Nobody is interested in that and the complete experience is destroyed.

However, since Cashinator causes server costs and development costs, a fair and equitable monetization model was designed: The first journey is complete free of charge. All features are 100% available. If you like the app and also want to use it for your next holiday, you have to pay only one euro (the correct value depends on the specific store). Compared to the costs that would otherwise be incurred during your vacation and the the stress that you're spared, it's only fair, in my opinion. Think only once, what kind of money you put in a parking machine at the airport.

If you want to travel the third, forth or forever with the Cashinator, it is even getting cheaper for you. Cashinator does not make any money with that, it just covers it's expensive server costs and high availability.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Cashinator does not use any email addresses, usernames or passwords to log into the App. For this reason, it is very difficult to relate the entries made in the Cashinator app to real people. In order to synchronize the travel costs between several devices, data such as transactions and partivipants need to be saved on the Cashinator server. The communication between the server and the app takes place exclusively via the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) and is therefore already sufficiently protected. In addition, however, every transaction, every person and every journey can only be identified by a unique key consisting of 36 random characters. If a potential attacker finds out such a key e.g. from a transaction, he only sees this single transaction, but he has no possibility to match it to a person, a journey or a other transactions. The totality of all transactions and persons of your journeys can only be accessed via another key stored only in your device (and devices sharing the same journey).

Only at the time of joining a journey such a key is assigned to a barcode that allows other devices to read the entire journey. This assignment will be deleted after 48 hours for security reasons.

More information about you data privacy you can read in the data privacy statement .

How can I assign my expenses to a category?

You can determine in the settings of the Cashinator app if you would like to be asked for a category when creating a new transaction. By default, this option is enabled. If you now enter a new issue, you can assign a category to the issue in the last step (for example public transfer, accommodation, groceries). You also have the option to change the categories of your expenses at any time afterwards via the expense overview. You can also create your own categories.

What are the advantages of categorizing my expenses?

If you have categorized all expenses consistently, you have the opportunity to see, which part of the journey took how much money. In the statistics you will see how much money you have paid for accommodation, how much has gone into shopping or how much money your car has cost including other costs such as refueling. Cashinator sums up all the expenses of a category to give you that clear overview.

Is it possible to create own categories?

Yes! In the settings you have the option to add your own categories for your travel expenses. You can even choose your own icons for your category. Note, however, that you can only change your own cateogories, but not the standard categories. I you don't like the standard Cashinator categories, simply delete them and use your own.

Can I indicate with which payment method which issue was paid?

Yes! You could, for example, create a separate category for each form of payment and then specify the corresponding bank card, credit card or cash when entering the issue. At the end of the holiday you will then see how much money has been deducted from which account. Note, however, that only one category can be specified for each expense. So you need to decide before starting your journey whether you want to use categories for payment methods or for the original purpose.

How can I have a detailed travel expense?

Cashinator automatically creates a nice overview of all holiday costs (shared with friends) in the PDF format. Just click on the statistics icon in the top right corner of Cashinators home screen. Select the last tab in the upper right corner, which will take you to the PDF evaluation. Simply click on the big red button and the PDF file will appear in DIN A4 format, which you can print out or forward to your friends by e-mail.
A sample view of this PDF file can be found here: PDF travel cost evaluation.

What are you waitin' for?

Try it yourself now! Go on vacation, take the Cashinator app with you and enter all your expenses, categorize them and keep an eye on all your costs with your friends! This app will make your life so much easier, I promise!