Vacation costs at a glance:
PDF evaluation

The cashinator app has a very special feature. With one click you can create a very clear PDF file that lists all travel expenses of the group. This makes any laboriously created Excel list, which lists shared travel expenses in the group, a thing of the past.

What information does the PDF travel evaluation contain?

  • A list of all participants of the trip: Not that we forget anybody.
  • Possible compensation payments of the travel participants: This means that all debts are mathematically optimized and settled with as few transactions as possible. Never before the topic of "sharing costs in the group" has been so simple.
  • All expenses and travel expenses of the trip at a glance: Here you can see who spent what on whom. The amount is given in the local currency and in your home currency. The daily exchange rate used for the conversion is also specified.
  • Splitting by categories: How much money was spent in total on hotels, food or leisure? The evaluation lists all created categories.
  • Total value of the trip: That's the sum of the whole trip if you put all the holiday money in one big pot.
  • Personal travel cost evaluation: The costs incurred by each participant are listed separately. It doesn't matter if he or she paid for himself or someone else.

Example evaluation

Here you can download a sample evaluation. This PDF file was created by the Cashinator Travel Expense app. All entries of the travel "USA West Coast" are only exemplarily provided and reflect in no way a real vacation taken place.


What are you waitin' for?

Try it yourself now! Go on vacation, take the Cashinator app with you and enter all your expenses, categorize them and keep an eye on all your costs with your friends! This app will make your life so much easier, I promise!