Welcome to your new Journey

When you start Cashinator, the app warmly welcomes you as a new user and provides a brief tutorial. This way, you'll instantly know that you're in the right place.


Your Balance

The balance gives you a concise overview of who owes how much money or who will receive how much. If someone is significantly in the negative, perhaps that person could cover the next expense?


Currency Converter

Easily enter the expense amount without the need to laboriously search for numbers on the smartphone keyboard. Feel free to use the integrated calculator to quickly add up several items. You don't need to open another app for that! The best part: Cashinator's built-in currency converter supports all common currencies, updated daily. Even if you don't have an internet connection, it doesn't mean you can't calculate. Cashinator saves the latest exchange rates and continues to calculate offline.

Currency Calculator

Manage Expenses

Here, you have all your expenses at a glance at any time. You can customize the view as you like, for example, display categories or show the associated location of the expense. New or modified expenses are marked in red. This way, you can quickly identify when a friend has made changes.

Manage Expenses

Edit Expenses

You can edit an expense at any time. Change the amount, distribution, category, location, date, sender, or recipient. It's even possible to modify the exchange rate if your bank uses a different rate than Cashinator automatically determined. The distribution of the expense is displayed at the top of the screen.

Edit Expenses

Insert Images

Add up to 6 pictures or receipts to your expense. This way, you can document everything because you always have the receipts with you. Additionally, you can add beautiful pictures of the respective location to have another great memory of your journey.

Insert Picutres

Who was the payment made for?

You can distribute the expense amount among participants as you prefer. The expense amount for each selected person is calculated and displayed in real-time.

Money Distribution

Distribution of the Amount

If you need a quick solution or don't want to be too precise with the calculations, use the slider to distribute the money quickly. If you want to be more precise, you can manually enter the specific amount of the expense and its distribution among your group. You can enter percentage values or specify the distribution in parts. Every value is calculated and displayed in real-time.

Distribution of Money

Define a Budget

This is fantastic because you don't need another app for it! If you like, set a travel budget or a monthly budget for yourself or any other person in the travel group or household. If someone exceeds it, Cashinator will warn you. This way, you always have your money under control, and you won't spend more than you want. Cashinator not only warns you but also tells you how much money you can still spend on average per day to stay within the budget by the end of the journey or month. How great is that?


Showdown –
Cash Check!

It's time! The vacation has come to an end. Cashinator calculates the fewest possible payments needed to balance your travel budget. The result seem incredible at first glance, as calculating this result manually would have been laborious. Cashinator does it for you, in numerous calculations that are effortlessly spared for you.

Cash Check

Beautiful Reports

Display fantastic reports, including total travel expenses, averages on daily or monthly basis. The reports can be shown separately for each person. See how much money you have spent in total and who among you has made the most payments so far.


Hard Facts

Cashinator not only presents colorful and beautifully animated graphics but also provides hard facts in text form. This way, you can always trace how the travel expenses were incurred.



What cost the most? The flights? The accommodation? The meals? Cashinator shows you how much money you spent in each category.


Categories in Numbers

Flight costs? Hotel expenses? Car rental? Wedding? Birthday? Dining out? — Also, here, as many people may prefer numbers over graphics, Cashinator presents the hard facts in text form. By clicking on the categories, you can view the expenses for each specific category. Cashinator not only displays the amounts per selected category but also the expenses per city and country if you include the location in the expense entry. The latter can also be done automatically via GPS if you allow it.

Categories in Numbers

Expenses Over Time

For all those interested: Cashinator shows you how expenses have evolved over time. Per day, per month, or per year. It all looks wonderful and is not only perfect for vacations but also for shared living or tracking personal expenses that accumulate over a month.

Expenses Over Time

Export to PDF and CSV

Create beautiful PDF files at any time, which you can have sent to you via email. This way, even participants of the journey who didn't want to install Cashinator can understand how and where the costs arose. Export is also possible as a CSV file, allowing you to create your own analyses in Excel.

Export Functionality

Families and Households

Set up households or families by intuitively grouping individuals into households. This ensures that only one settlement payment is needed between two families. For example, no child has to transfer money to the parents of another family. This is unique and makes Cashinator even more special!

If a family also wants to settle the money internally after the vacation, that is, of course, possible in another step. The whole process is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Give it a try!

Balance of Families

Expense Distribution Between Families

Here, you can see how easy it is to handle an expense with households. The amounts with gray borders reflect the amount of the expense for each family.

Distribution within Families

Cash Check for Families

If you have set up households or families, the financial check becomes much simpler. Give it a try, it's truly fantastic! By the way, you will be asked who from the household made the settlement payment to the other household and who from the other household received the payment. Thus, an internal settlement among families is possible down to the details. It may sound complicated, but it's actually pleasantly simple and intuitive.

Cash Check for Families

Load Templates

If you want to quickly use an old distribution when entering a new expense, you can load it with just one click. These templates are automatically saved and intelligently sorted based on usage. You don't have to worry about anything here either.


Cashinator Settings

The settings area leaves nothing to be desired. Divided into travel or group settings, which are shared across all devices, and personal settings, which are stored only on your device. Home currency, currency converter, language, number formats, categories, push notifications, exchange rates, reports, backups, budgets, families, images – to name just a few.

Settings Cashinator

Share and Join

You can share the journey with a simple button press or join another group. This works without having an account, and it totally works without registration. You'll just receive a code that you can easily share with your friends, – valid for security reasons for not more than one week. If you prefer, simply use the QR code to share or join a journey.

Your devices sync even without an account. Not many apps can do that. If you have your push notifications enabled, Cashinator informs you in real-time when someone else has added, modified, or deleted an expense.

Share the journey

Dark Mode

The dark mode allows you to unwind and relax in bed after a tiring day on vacation. If the colors are still too bright for you, you can dim the accent color in the settings. Both look simply beautiful.

By the way, iOS or Android can automatically enable and disable the dark mode for you. As you prefer, Cashinator leaves the choice to you.

Dark Mode - Financial Balance Dark Mode - Expenses Overview Dark Mode - Expense Details Dark Mode - Reports Dark Mode - Distributions Dark Mode - Financial Check Dark Mode - Categories Dark Mode - Graphics

What are you waiting for?

See for yourself! Fly on vacation, take the Cashinator app with you, and enjoy the great design. Enter all expenses, categorize them, and always keep track of all costs with your friends! This app will make your life easier, guaranteed!