Cashinator 5

Cashinator 5: The Revolution in Bill Splitting Apps!

Cashinator 5 has been released in 2023!

It has been long in the making, and now the time has come. Cashinator 5 is launching on May 22, 2023, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, and it is set to be hailed as a revolution in the world of bill splitting apps. Cashinator 5 will simplify the lives of families traveling together to such an extent that you won't want to trade the app for a notepad or a calculator anymore.

So, what's new?

It's not a redesign, nor does it include social media videos, and you won't suddenly be asked to pay for new hidden pro features. Everything stays the same because you consistently express how satisfied you are. Thank you for that! There is just one new feature that you have frequently requested, and you can manually activate it, justifying the leap to version 5: "Families & Households."

Does that sound unspectacular?

Finally, you can assign travel participants to their respective households or families. The unique and amazing thing about this seemingly unremarkable function is that, at the end of the trip, only one payment between two households is needed at most! This works without any currently hyped artificial intelligence and is based purely on classical mathematical logic, diligently calculated in the background on your smartphone. Finally, the tedious back and forth of money, such as from your own child to a person in the befriended family, even though the child cannot pay anything yet, is eliminated. The balance is accurately and fairly determined, even if different numbers of people live in your households. The transfer of money between families is done by a selected person. After the final settlement, if the group is balanced with as few payments as possible, Cashinator offers you the option, on request and voluntarily, to settle the debts within the families as well.

Who is this feature for?

This feature makes particular sense when you are traveling with multiple families, when as a couple you have only one account, or when you have children in the household who cannot pay yet. It has been implemented in a way that does not affect your existing balances and groups, thus maintaining the clarity of the app. Even during an ongoing trip, you can assign members to households, and Cashinator will already calculate the optimal settlement payments. Nevertheless, Cashinator is also perfect for friends and couples traveling together, wanting to have a great time without worrying about money. Even if you are traveling alone on solo trips, Cashinator is worth it! The solo mode provides real-time details of your expenses. It's even fun!

Does it compromise clarity?

If you think all of this makes the operation and clarity terribly complicated, feel free to be convinced otherwise. Cashinator remains as clear and understandable as it can possibly be. The ratings on Google Play or the App Store speak for themselves. Cashinator is the only app you need for your trip. No notes, no calculators, no paperwork. Everything in one app. And the best part: Cashinator is completely free, fully functional, and absolutely ad-free for your first trip of any duration!

What are you waitin' for?

Try it yourself now! Go on vacation, take the Cashinator app with you and enter all your expenses, categorize them and keep an eye on all your costs with your friends! This app will make your life so much easier, I promise!